Healing Focused Events

Join us for a variety of healing-focused events, designed to help you understand yourself, build your internal resources, and promote your ability to heal. From somatic workshops to multiple day retreats, these events are tailored with your nervous system in mind. There is profound power in group healing spaces, and as facilitators we will bring all of our professional therapeutic knowledge, our skills as Somatic Experiencing Practitioners, and our lived experience as people who continue to do their own healing work, into our shared space. Come connect with other participants who understand what it's like to survive in a world that doesn't understand trauma, and allow us to show you how to soften to yourself. You don't have to do this alone and we are honored to join you on your healing journey

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led by Dr. Danica Harris, SEP, dr. brittany escuriex, and morenike olorunnisomo, lpc, sep

Healing Your Way Home 

You're invited to join us for our somatic-experiencing and healing-focused retreat. This trauma-informed, immersion experience will allow you to settle into a safe container with highly skilled trauma therapists as you attend to the parts of yourself that need gentleness, support, and care as you move forward from your traumatic past. Healing-focused retreats can provide support and transformation equivalent to months of therapy. Stepping out of your life for a few days will allow you the space to connect with yourself in a deeper, more meaningful way.

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september 19, 2024 - september 23, 2024


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The Body Really Does Keep the Score: An Introduction to Somatic Practices

Are you looking to incorporate somatic practices and interventions into your work, but aren’t ready to invest in a long-term training program? If you are a therapist or therapist-in-training who desires to build your trauma-informed knowledge and tools, this training is for you. Join me as I bring my knowledge of complex trauma and attachment, Somatic Experiencing, and Somatic Resilience & Regulation into a digestible and interactive training created just for you. You’ll leave with resources you can use right away, and you’ll get to connect with therapist peers who are ready to grow right alongside you.

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A CE Training Opportunity for therapists, led by Dr. Danica Harris, SEP

Healing Focused Self-Care Strategies

Self-care can’t be an extra, it is a crucial part of healing and recovery. The benefits of self-care can be felt when you attend to what your body is needing right here, right now. When we begin to attend to our bodies, we can become better aware of our needs. By attending to our bodies in our every day life we not only support ourselves in a routine fashion, we also help to build body trust so that we can rely on our brain and body to work together to help us through some of our toughest moments. This course is a supportive guide to help you connect with your body, and learn what it needs, as you work to be more present. Sometimes we can’t make big changes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create more space for us and our healing.

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Dear Younger Self Course

Have you ever wondered if your reaction to something is really about the situation at hand, or if it’s a trauma response based on something that happened to your younger self? In this self-guided course, you’ll learn to recognize and communicate with your younger self in order to start the healing process.

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The Learning Lounge

The Learning Lounge is a virtual classroom where you can access courses on complex trauma, healing and recovery, and relationship concerns. This space was created with your healing in mind and offers you a variety of resources to aid in your understanding of yourself. All course material offers tangible and gentle support and you will find that you are cared for while you engage in each course. I really look forward to connecting with you on your healing journey.

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Body-based interventions can allow for deeper healing and regulation in the body. Following trauma, our body will often experience lingering effects from our held trauma responses, and if these trauma patterns and responses can be completed and then released, we are likely to find that people can live a more congruent and integrated life. Through learning how to be gentle with ourselves, and beginning to befriend our internal experience, we can feel into the changes we’ve long been yearning for. Somatic coaching allows us to help our clients create a safe container so they can feel more resourced in their day to day life.

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Somatic Coaching Sessions

This virtual, 60-minute, drop-in group, led by Morenike Olorunnisomo, LPC, SEP is designed to help you access more of yourself and get back into your body. This hour will feel restorative and will help you learn how to slow down, tune in, and hold space for yourself. No previous yoga or somatic movement experience required. Come as you are and allow all of yourself to be present.


Somatic Movement & Meditation

Looking for a therapist? Empowered Healing Dallas is a diverse collective of therapists with a shared goal: empowering you to live your most authentic life through trauma-informed, culturally competent mental health services. Seeing folx in person in Dallas, TX and virtually across Texas and in 39 other U.S. states!

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Therapy Services

Need a mental health source for an article, or a guest speaker for your podcast or event? I strive to validate, support, and encourage people who are recovering and healing from trauma, and can provide approachable, relatable insights and anecdotes about the human experience for any audience.

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Media & Speaking Engagements

As experienced presenters and teachers, we’re passionate about sharing insights, knowledge and tools that support humans on their healing journey. We’d love to work together to create a custom presentation or workshop to support you or the needs of your organization. Each of our consultants has expertise in creating a trauma-informed work environment, building a culture of safety, integrating mindfulness at work, building strategies, practices, and policies that support safety, and recognizing and addressing workplace trauma and burnout. Each of our consultants has training in Somatic Experiencing, thus an integrated and body-based approach is present in all of their consultation relationships and presentations. 

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Consulting for Therapists, Organizations, & Healers

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