Dr. Danica Harris was trained as a therapist, and currently operates as a coach and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and is the empathic voice behind the popular Instagram account @theempoweredtherapist. She is the co-owner of Empowered Healing Dallas, a social justice-informed therapy practice in Dallas, TX focused on providing mental health services for those from oppressed communities.

Danica earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology and both a Master’s and a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University, as well as a certification in Gender & Multicultural Studies. She is trained in working with complex trauma, developmental and attachment-based trauma, sexual trauma, and identity-based trauma.


The Empowered Therapist


The Empowered Therapist Instagram account began as a place for Danica to share her knowledge in order to make an impact beyond the therapy room. As a long-time passionate public speaker, social media presented the perfect opportunity to speak to a growing audience about topics that are near and dear to her while helping people find greater compassion and understanding for themselves by normalizing the effects of trauma and helping survivors feel seen and validated.

Danica believes that we are all our own expert, and as a somatic coach and a content creator, her job is to help guide people to their own answers and show them they’re not alone. She believes that healing happens in small doses, and through normalization, validation, education, and empowerment, we all have the capacity to create the change we desire.

Danica lives in Dallas, TX with her partner and their rescue pups Chimi and Waffles.


Thanks for letting me see you,

We all deserve compassion, empathy, and kindness.

We can grow in our capacity to be there for ourselves.

In order to heal, our narratives about ourselves  often need to change.

Your feelings are valid whether or not you understand them.

It’s reasonable to wonder who you’d be if you hadn’t experienced trauma.

Befriending our bodies is a crucial part of healing.

We’re living through a time of profound cultural and societal upheaval and distress.

I Believe...

Being gentle and curious will help you to return home to yourself.

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