Creating Duality in Healing: Prioritizing Your Well-being Without Harm

So many of us were taught that selflessness is a virtue we should live by, and often we come to believe that placing ourselves first is an act of betrayal or self-centeredness. Today, we will center our attention on a somatic practice that challenges these ideas and encourages us to prioritize ourselves on our healing journey.

The Transformative Practice: The phrase we'll be working with is a simple yet profound one: "Centering myself in my healing doesn’t harm others." This statement is a powerful affirmation that your own well-being is not only important but essential, and it does not detract from the well-being of those around you.

Embarking on the Practice: To begin, find a quiet space where you can be uninterrupted. You might choose to sit, stand, or even lie down – whatever feels most comfortable for your body at this moment.

Step One: Engage with the Phrase
Say the phrase out loud or in your mind: "Centering myself in my healing doesn’t harm others." Notice the immediate sensations and reactions within your body. Does your chest tighten? Do your shoulders relax? Observe without judgment.

Step Two: Notice the Response
Pay attention to how your body responds to this idea. Our bodies often hold on to unspoken fears and the echoes of old beliefs. What comes up for you? Perhaps a tightness in your throat or a sense of relief? Let these reactions surface.

Step Three: Confront the Fears
As you repeat the phrase, you may encounter fears or internal messages that challenge this notion. Acknowledge these feelings and allow them to exist alongside this new practice. They are part of your journey and deserve recognition. Allow all of you to exist as you work to accept more of yourself.

Step Four: Permit Resistance
It's natural to feel an internal resistance to a new somatic practice. Maybe it surfaces as a thought or a tension within the body, maybe memories from the past start creeping in. Maybe a variety of feelings are filling your body, and images taking up space in your mind. Allow all of this to coexist with the words you are repeating. There's no need to force change; simply let the resistance be, as you continue to engage with the phrase.

Step Five: Embody the Affirmation
Gradually, as you become more comfortable, embody this affirmation. Find a rhythm and repetition that resonates with you. If the original phrase doesn't fit perfectly, adapt it. Your practice should feel authentic to you. See if you can allow this statement to take up residence in your body. Notice if there is a place in your body that desires to hold on to these words and allow them to settle in there for safekeeping.

Step Six: Prioritize Your Healing
As you settle into this practice, give yourself permission to be at the forefront of your healing. Notice how your body might begin to respond differently with time, perhaps with a sense of release or acceptance. Notice how this gentleness practice starts to become easier the more you engage kindly with yourself.

This somatic practice is more than just an exercise; it's a commitment to acknowledging that your well-being is a priority and that caring for yourself is not an act of harm to others. As you incorporate this practice into your life, you may find that it nurtures your growth and enhances your capacity to connect with others in a more meaningful and healthy way.

Remember, we don’t do nice things for people we hate, and that starts with us. As you are able, soften to yourself in any way you can, and notice how your relationship with yourself and others begins to change.


At The Empowered Therapist, Danica firmly believes that everyone is their own expert. Her mission is to guide individuals to their own insights, ensuring they know they're not alone on their journey. Danica understands that healing unfolds in small yet significant doses, fostered through normalization, validation, education, and gentleness. To support your healing journey, Danica and her team offer a broad spectrum of services, including personalized therapy, professional training, immersive events, empowering coaching sessions and so much more. Danica's goal is to create a supportive environment where change is not just possible but inevitable, helping individuals embrace their fullest healing potential and embark on a path of deep self-discovery and lasting change.

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