Healing Focused Events

Healing focused events are designed to be intensive healing experiences. We bring years of clinical and somatic knowledge with us as we support you and your nervous system on your healing journey. One day events and our extended weekend retreats, allow you to temporarily step away from your daily grind so you can have more access to yourself. The three of us have done extensive trauma-healing and recovery work of our own, so you can trust that you are being cared for by people who have lived this journey for themselves. We are thrilled to offer these community-based healing experiences because we know the value of learning about your trauma responses, understanding your nervous system, building new skills and internal resources, and above all, beginning to soften to yourself and your body.

Healing experiences and retreats hosted by Dr. Danica Harris, SEP,
Dr. Brittany Escuriex, and Morenike Olorunnisomo, LPC, SEP

Multi-Day Events

You're invited to join us for our somatic-experiencing and healing-focused retreat. This trauma-informed, immersion experience will allow you to settle into a safe container with highly skilled trauma therapists and Somatic Experiencing Practitioners as you attend to the parts of yourself that need gentleness, support, and care as you move forward from your traumatic past. Healing-focused retreats can provide support and transformation equivalent to months of therapy. Stepping out of your life for a few days will allow you the space to connect with yourself in a deeper, more meaningful way.

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A RETREAT LED BY dr. DANICA HARRIS, SEP & dr. BRITTANY ESCURIEX with support from Morenike Olorunnisomo, LPC, SEP 

SEPTEMBER 19, 2024 - SEPTEMBER 23, 2024

Healing Your Way Home

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