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Our clients are savvy, and I love how the mental health field is shifting. Clients are now requesting modalities like Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, IFS, and Brainspotting because trauma healing and recovery is now so mainstream that clients have a sense of what will work well for them. AND, we can't be fully trained and certified in every approach. Let me help you boost your confidence in how you show up with clients in just one day. I'm ready to help you feel more like yourself in the therapy room.

  • Complex trauma and bottom-up treatment options
  • Somatic Experiencing* and other somatic practices
  • Reasonable outcomes for your clients
  • Helping clients slow down and be in their bodies a little at a time
  • Increasing your own awareness to what is happening right here, right now so you can help clients build this practice into their lives as well
  • Tangible ways to start and stop sessions when trauma is part of the work you're doing
  • How to help clients by attending to you 
  • What healing actually looks and feels like
  • Why everyone is talking about the nervous system
  • And more! Plus time for a Q&A at the end of the lecture portion!

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Presented by: Dr. Danica Harris, SEP
February 16th 10am – 2pm CST
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Investment: $197

Dear therapists, thank you for showing up and doing the work. Thank you for supporting clients as you deal with the same mental health concerns and humanitarian crises as everyone else. Thank you for being warm, empathic, and open-hearted when people need you the most. Being a therapist is a rewarding job and also a tough one, and it's important to acknowledge this for ourselves so that we can feel well-resourced as we continue to do this work.

You know what else helps us to feel well-resourced? Learning new skills that can help us to stay relevant, competent, and grounded in our approach to clinical work. In 2024 we are well aware that most, if not all, clients have experienced something that they consider to be traumatic, and even if we don't consider ourselves to be a trauma therapist, we are likely a therapist working with trauma. Long, extended trainings with many modules are great, and the immersive ones can really create meaningful change for us, long-term. The thing is though, we don't all have the time and money to invest in years long training programs. And let's face it, most of us want to increase our awareness and learn new skills that can help us right here, right now.




A 4-hour training designed to help therapists feel more resourced with their clients

Held virtually, video recording available for those who register but aren't able to attend

February 16th 10am-2pm CST

I'd love to share what I have learned through my many training experiences and 13 years of clinical practice. I'd love to offer you knowledge and tangible resources that you can begin using right after our time together ends. I'd love to help you feel more capable and ready to implement somatic strategies in your personal and professional life, right now.

An Introduction to Somatic Practices

Sign me up for this 4-hour CE approved training! 

*Please note: this is not a formal Somatic Experiencing training and I am not representing the Somatic Experiencing Institute. This training was created by me, for you, and includes all of my personal and professional knowledge of somatic healing practices.

From the 

“Thank you so much for all of the wisdom this past year. Your thoughts have been a great companion to the work I’m doing in therapy.”


As a fellow therapist, one skill I learned in my courses with Danica and have taken with me throughout my own clinical work has been to value the importance of the therapeutic relationship when it comes to trauma healing.


I have taken many courses with Danica on a variety of topics! That said, some things that remain consistent throughout all her courses would be her passionate and empathetic presence. Regardless of what the topic is, Danica’s zeal for mental well-being and trauma healing remain. 


I’ll never forget her words—as therapists, we are vigorously intervening on our client’s side, even when they aren’t on their own side. I also learned that the only way we can really do that is to make sure we have already laid the foundation of safety and containment within the therapeutic relationship. I have carried this skill with me for every single one of my clients, and I can’t imagine doing therapy any other way.


I have loved and gained so much knowledge from all the courses I have taken with Danica, and eagerly await future ones!


I've learned that my body makes sense, and I make sense.


I am more aware of my body than I have ever been, and that's helped me heal in ways I didn't know were possible.


Somatic work has helped me to meet myself with curiosity rather than judgment.


Danica helped me understand the value of being gentle with myself, and that has changed my relationship with my body.


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